Warning to South Africa!!!
Turn back to YAHUSHUA (JESUS)!!!
Now is the time!!!

Things have already gone so far and heathen leaders doesn't even hide the hate they have in their hearts towards others.

Julius Malema is singing publicly in english infront of thousands of youths and others and he is declaring to them that he wants to start killing the boer\ the farmer (white man). I'm not a racist. My best friend is a black man and he is like a brother to me. He is a believer and he loves YAHUSHUA.

People these songs which the heathens are singing, have been sung by far rightwing groups in South Africa for many years. They only sing hate songs in their native languages. They use words like "We will kill them, we will kill the whites." These heathen far rightwing groups are busy planning an attack against the white people in South Arfica.

Seer van Rensburg en Johanna Brandt did receive prophecies and visions about such times that will occur. They both saw large heathen black groups attacking white people in South Africa.

It was YAHUVEH (GOD) and YAHUSHUA (JESUS) who gave them these visions.

I can also testify to this, because the HOLY SPIRIT (RUACH HA KODESH) spoke to me one morning. I was awaken 8 am. It was the 8th of the 8th month of 2008. (8\8\8). The following words were spoken to me:

(You will see that the HOLY SPIRIT uses the word WE when referring to

"My son, know that everything which Seer van Rensburg had seen, will happen in South Africa. False prophets have torn his words apart, but WE led you to his prophecies during the time when WE called you. WE also led you to the visions of Johanna Brandt, because it will also come to pass. The 'Night of the Long Knives' had already started. Why do you think the people are leaving South Arfica in such a hurry? Be careful, that Night is coming closer very quickly. You know what to do. You also know how South Africa is going to be punished."

People, they are planning an attack on South Africa. And YAHUVEH will allow it to happen because of the stench of the sin in this country. Moral standards have dissapeared. Christians, people who goes to church, just keep on living as if they do not even need a Saviour.

They just keep on sinning and living a sinful lifestyle, and they also go to Sunday church, and then they think it is all that is neccessary for their salvation. South Africa wake up! This is a lie from satan!

YAHUHSUA wants us to form a relationship with HIM. It is HIS will that we worship HIM in Truth and Spirit. We should start reading our bibles again. Read it ourselves. We should not wait until Sunday when the preacher will read something for us. GOD YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA are speaking to us through THEIR Word. The HOLY SPIRIT (RUACH HA KODESH) will show us which scriptures we need to apply at certain times of our lives.

Put your faith 100% in HIM. Not in any government of church of ministry or political party nor in any other man. Now is the time! Turn away from your sins. Don't believe the lies coming from most of the churches, which tells us that YAHUVEH GOD will allow some sins. Homosexuality is sin. Pornography is sin. Fornication (Sex out of marriage) is sin! No sin will be allowed into Heaven.

When you break one commandment of the Ten Commandments, you break all of them. YAHSUHUA is our only Saviour. Only HE can forgive you your sins. Ask HIM today to help you to change your life. Ask HIS HOLY SPIRIT to show you which places in your life still needs to change.
When you ask YAHUSHUA to come and live in your heart and you repent of your sins, you have to make a great effort to turn away from your previous sinful lifestyle.

We must be baptized so the old sinful man\woman in us will die, and then a new you will be born again and then you can be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. Then you need to allow the HOLY SPIRIT to lead you and not your own sinful flesh.

All have sinned and fall short of the esteem of YAHUVEH, being declared right, without paying, by HIS favour through the redemption which is in Messiah YAHUSHUA. Romans 3:23-24